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Soil Health

Soil health is fundamental to everything on a farm. Therefore, by building the health of our soils, we gain many benefits such as increased water holding capacities, nutrient exchange, infiltration and more.

Plant Health

With correct plant nutrition and
microbiology, plants can become completely resistant to disease and many pests.
By focusing on plant health, disease and pests are reduced, leading to higher quality and quantity of produce.

Business Health

By allowing natural systems to grow our farm’s produce, we’ve found our farmers expenses are reduced while maintaining or increasing production, this leads to increased profits.

Building Soil Organic Matter?

Our Approach

Our focus on biological systems within agroecosystems allows us to build soil organic matter quickly and effectively, allowing you to reap the benefits of highly fertile soils.

Soil Organic Matter (SOM) contributes amazing benefits to soils, including increasing water holding capacity, cation exchange capacity, microbial activity, nutrient recycling and soil structure, and inhibits toxins, pH change and Redox change.

Overall, increasing SOM is the best way to improve soil fertility. Regardless of your farming system, soil types or climate, Agresol can assist you in building SOM.

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Benefits of Soil Organic Carbon

Water Holding

Soil Organic Carbon can hold 7x its weight in water! Meaning that a simple 2.5% increase in SOC could almost double your plant available water!

What would it mean to your farm if you could hold TWICE the amount of water?

Fertiliser Use Efficiency

Soil Organic Carbon has a massive ability to hold onto plant nutrients. In fact, it has double the ability then most clays. This means that more of the fertiliser you apply will be captured by the soil, and find it’s way to the plant.

Increased Yields

Studies have shown that soils rich in soil organic carbon achieve greater yields. It has been shown that yields can increase upward of 15%.

Greater Profits

With greater yields, and lower input costs profits are set to increase when soils have greater amounts of SOC.

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