About Us

Passionate About Your Farm's Regeneration

Our Mission

"To help our farmers regenerate their soils, their plants, their animals and most importantly... their profits!"

- Teale Simmons | Founder

Our Approach

We work with Australian farmers in restoring their farms through designing and implementing regenerative practices onto their farms. We work to restore the connect between Animals, Plants and Soil by focusing on building soil health, microbial communities and enhancing plant nutrition.  

The Agresol Team

Teale Simmons | Founder

Regenerative Coach/Consultant

Fifth-generation Hawkesbury farmer Teale Simmons has founded Agresol, all while studying agricultural science at the University of Sydney. 

With a strong family history in the agriculture and farming industries, Teale has an unrivalled understanding and tenacious devotion to regenerative agriculture.

Teale is the founder of  the Agriculture Explained YouTube channel, developed as an answer to a lack of resources around both Agriculture and Regenerative Agriculture.

Teale is passionate about restoring degraded soils and rejuvenating barren landscapes back to productive fertile agro-ecosystems.

Teale is trained in developing regenerative agro-ecosystems through John Kempf’s Regen Academy, with a focus on highly accurate plant nutrition management and soil health, and further trained through Dr Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web Course, all while studying Agricultural Science at the University Of Sydney.

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