Let's Regenerate
Your Farm

We're Restoring Agro-Ecosystems to build Farming profits

Increase Profits

With the massive increase in the cost of fertilizers, moving to a self-sustaining agroecosystem can significantly reduce fertilizer and pesticide costs, while increasing long term yield and stability.

Suppress Disease

With correct plant nutrition and microbiology, plants can become completely resistant to disease and many pests, allowing your farm to have healthier plants produce higher quality produce.  

Enhance Nutrition

A focus on biological systems allows plants to be supplied with correct nutrients, hence leading to higher quality produce full of nutrients.

Working With Growers to Restore Their Farms

Agresol works with a board range of growers, ranging form citrus growers, to free range pig farmers and graziers.

Regardless of your farming enterprise or growing conditions, we can assist your farm in transitioning to regenerative agriculture to increase profits, suppress disease and weeds and enhance produce nutrition. 

Unique Recommendations Suited to Your Needs and Farm

We understand that every farm is unique in almost every way, everything ranging from climate, soil, markets, operations and most importantly, You! 

We make recommendations suited to your needs and goals while considering the needs of the farm and land, with both long and short term goals in mind.

Our Approach


You are the heart of your farm! So initially we start with understanding your needs and goals, so that we develop strategies suited to your farm and your needs.


Plants are fundamental to very farm. Therefore, we need to ensure that all our plants are operating the their maximum potential. We focus on correcting plant nutrition and ensuring functional plant communities.


Microorganisms connect plants to soil and facilitate nutrient and water exchange for plants. Functional microbiology is fundamental to sustainable agroecosystems.


Animals are an important part of any agroecosystem, that is why animal integration is essential to restoring complete systems. A focus on healthy animal management is critical to achieving this.

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