Our Services

Our services help to build soil and farm health

Agresol has three main services, they include services within Cropping, Grazing or horticulture in the form of our regenerative programs. Within each of our programs we work through collecting data, developing recommendations, testing recommendations and scaling recommendations. 

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Agresol also offers general consultations for needs that don’t fit within our programs.

Areas We Service

NSW - all Services

Rest of Australia - Only Large Farms

Need a Regenerative Approach?

General Consultation

Get stared with a FREE 30 minute consultation session. In this session we’ll discuss your goals for your farm and the steps you’ll need to take to achieve those goals. 

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Regenerative Programs


Regenerative Cropping

Regenerative Agronomy is all about restoring the plant's connection back to living soil. This allows for living processes in soil to supply the plant's nutritional needs instead of simple chemical inputs alone. Looking at building plant health is fundamental to every agricultural system. Our job is to help you to improve plant health and function to increase yields and to suppress disease.  


Regenerative Grazing

Animals are fundamental to functioning agroecosystems, however animals can also be very destructive if not managed correctly. We can assist you in developing a regenerative grazing system which improves animal health, plant health and soil health.


Regenerative Horticulture

Specifically focused on high value horticulture to generate the largest returns by improving soil health and plant health. We specialise in precise plant nutrition and the reconnecting relationship between microbes, plants and soils.

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plus a bonus action plan worth $200!