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Our services help to build soil and farm health

There are two ways Agresol can can help you and your farm, they include our Regenerative Programs and Our General Consultation.

Within our Regenerative Programs we work through collecting data, developing recommendations, testing recommendations and scaling recommendations. 

Agresol also offers general consultations for needs that don’t fit within our programs.

Areas We Service

NSW - all Services

Rest of Australia - Only Large Farms

We Specialise in

Cover Crops

Cover crops are some of the best ways to improve soil health. We can help safely implement cover crop into your operation to build soil carbon, improve soil health and increase yields.

Plant Nutrition

Plant nutrition is more than just NPK and many of our plants are deficient in trace minerals. We can help improve you plant health by focusing on plant nutrition.

Microbial Management

Soil and plant microbes preform so many functions from disease suppression to increasing nutrient availability. We specialise in improve microbe activity and populations to boost production.

Business Basics

Having a healthy farming benefits is key to having a regenerative farm. We can assist in building clarity around you business and marketing decisions.

Precision Ag

Precision Ag helps to manage natural soil variation through variable rate application. We can assist in the collection and analysis of precision ag datasets to help make management descisions.

Soil Health

Soil is the foundation of our farming systems. We can hep implement practices that build soil health to improve production and reduce inputs.

Grazing Management

Livestock can be rapidly improve soil, plant and farm health but they need to be used correctly. We can help implement grazing strategies to improve your farm.

Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is a key principle for regenerative agriculture to increase diversity and reduce pest and disease and input costs. We can help improve your crop rotations by assessing ecosystem functions and gross margin analysis.

Farm Plans

Whole farm plans to holistically manage you farm.

Livestock Health

We can assist in assessing livestock health and implementing strategies to improve stock health.

integrated Pest management

Using a range of management practices to management pest, disease and weeds without the build up of herbicide resistance.

Need a Regenerative Approach?

General Consultation

Get stared with a FREE 30 minute consultation session. In this session we’ll discuss your goals for your farm and the steps you’ll need to take to achieve those goals. 

Book a Free Consultation call now and get a bonus action plan worth $200!

Why work with Agresol?

Independent Advice

All of Agresol's consulting is 100% independent! Meaning NO pesty salesman is trying sell you anything. By working with Agresol, you have a consultant that is purely focused on helping you achieve your goals.

Expert Regen Advice

We understand the real drivers of regeneration. Working with Agresol gives you access to expert knowledge on regenerating your farm and soil!

Profit Focused

You can't be green if you are in the red! For us, it is very important that the practices you implement make you actual profit, not just increased production with more costs. It is important to us to help your farm make LOTS of money!

Goal Driven

In addition to achieving increased profits, we want to help you achieve your goals for you farm. Whether this be reduce time spent working so you can spend more time with your family or restore soil fertility for future generations, we will prioritise your goals.

Zero Dogma

We have ZERO dogma towards any farming practice. If pesticides or tillage is required for maintaining your operation, we will find solutions to ensure your farm still regenerates.

Regenerative Programs

Our Regenerative Programs are for all farmers wanting to improve their farm by regenerating their soils, plant and farm health. Our consulting programs works with Croppers, Graziers and Horticulturists.

Our Programs follow this structure:

  1. Data Collection: We want to know everything form your goals for your farm to soil variation and the most limiting factor in production and profitability. This will take place through a number of coaching sessions and on and off -farm data measuring (i.e soil testing, remote sensing, etc)
  2. Data Analysis: Once all data is collected, we’ll analyse the data to determine the areas where we can have the biggest impact on production, profitability, sustainability and your goals.
  3. Short – Term Strategies: Options for short-term improvement are developed and presented. These are practices that you can implement within 12 months. These practices and strategies are developed from the insight gained from our coaching sessions and the data collected. 
  4. Long – Term Strategies: Options for long-term improvement are developed and presented. These are practices that take more than 12 months to implement. These practices and strategies are developed from the insight gained from our coaching sessions and the data collected. 
  5. Implementation: We help you through every step of implementing the strategies above, typically we start implementing strategies on a small scale, perhaps one paddock or a strip test.
  6. Assess + Evaluate: Once implemented, we assist in assessing the impact of the practice and strategy and evaluate the costs and benefits it brought to you and the farm. During this stage we might modify strategies to better suit the farm.
  7. Scale Up: This stage is scaling the practices that worked on the trial site to across the farm in a low-risk way, ensuring the practices get implemented correctly to produce the greatest return at the lowest risk.

To get started, sign up to our free 30 minute consultation to see if Agresol is right for you.

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